Welcome to the Brasserie De Haan the Belgian Beer bar at the Cock Hotel.

We stock a wide range of Belgian Beers. From depth of colour to ABV, you’re sure to find one to suit your palate.

We stock Chimay Blue; a deep copper colour with an enormous vinous fruitiness on the aroma and palate, a rich and fruity finish becomes dry with an underpinning of spicy hops. Chimay Red which is a copper coloured beer with blackcurrant fruit on the aroma and palate and nutmeg spice and tart hops. The finish is vinous, spicy but with an underlying hop bitterness.

Cristoffel Blonde is bursting with hop character giving a superb piney aroma with toasted malt and spicy hops in the mouth. A long finish that becomes dry and bitter with late hints of citrus fruit.